Born at the Edge of an Arrival: A Performance Portfolio

After spending months working on a final performance piece. Im proud to have compiled the inspiration for it in a final portfolio. This work, about family history, womyn migrating, lost and found stories, is very, VERY dear to my heart. See link below.

Born at the Edge of an Arrival_FINAL


In stages I grew estranged from you
tipping forward to be birthed
wondering where I’ve spent myself
Here I have no name
I am quilted with textures that abrade me
I am cold bleeding stories that are frozen

Dear I earn to be disturbed by song
to be awakened by boiling light
to chance speech in accents that betray me

Amongst hidden memories I discover
companies made of villages
cornels cut from ministry
White clothes buried
scattered under years of fallen trees
baptized with soil
planting leaves leaving trails
testing that I follow
testing that I look
that I dig
and I find
that it threatens me to know
I may have been born at the edge of an arrival




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