up to now – a Manifesto

11:31 am//January 19, 2014

Its most fitting to have my first blog post of the year to be a personal manifesto. So much as happened in the first few weeks of the year, re-grounding myself in what I have learned in past years and strive to adopt in this one, seems most fitting a task. Hopefully this holds some power in it for you as it does for me. 

Shamelessly, toil and struggle through tears, hand holding, intense love, loud blues notes, celebrations, falls and fear to find your purpose

Run and play as if recess rang as doors opened and your bedroom was a garden

Work for yourself but if not, work for someone whose dream you admire

Make investments in bodies

Struggle is a point where teachings become lessons, allow it to engulf you

Cuss sometimes, your body can handle or maybe craves control over vulgarity

Get by on charm, but only for a moment after a while you better know something


Pick your battles. Not everyone’s politics can be/is yours.

Move language around your tongue; enjoy the sound it makes upon release

Hug closely, and tight. Just a little longer than anticipated

If you are an artist, do not fear creation. Mundanity stifles.

Be proud again. We lose that somewhere in the mix of trying, forever trying, but today learn that the heart is good and it is a worthwhile act to find pride in that.

Challenge the assumption that it was easy

Your legacy began with your ancestors

You will heal.

Strive not for enlightened but to reclaim the truths you never unlearned

“Be passionately aware you could be completely wrong.” Diane Morano

Write letters to yourself when you are emotionally at your lowest and then at your highest. Use both as points of reference.

Let your smile explode into laughter. And resist temptation to regulate its volume

You don’t need to become an occupation. Let your occupation come from who you are

Listen when people speak and hear them speak without looking for yourself in their words

You were born for a reason, this life is on purpose.

Be convicted in the idea that your thoughts matter and how you feel is valid and real

Speak. Even when your voice is low and your thoughts process slowly and your fingers tremble slightly, speak.

Fruits and vegetables bear flesh to protect their seeds. Honor this gift when you eat.

Your assets come before your needs

Study yourself, learn how you learn

Believe that pursing your passion is a worthy journey

“Dreaming that love will save us, solve all our problems, or provide us with a steady state of bliss or security only keeps us stuck in wishful fantasy, undermining the real power of love—which is to transform us.”

Having a healthy belief in the unbelievable is a game changer. Period.

Make people feel special around you, call them affections like pookie-wookie, tullum and sweetness.

I comes from we. Communities make people.

I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.

Listen and believe when others speak. Sometimes the benefit of the doubt holds more power than the doubt.

Reach out and select your thoughts. They are owned by you not vice versa.

Thank your mother and father, despite who they may be for you now, on a molecular level their timing couldn’t have been more right.

The things you feel pressured by are never the things that really matter

Sometimes I want to ask the Creator why there is so much hate and violence in this world, but then I remember She would probably ask me the same.

There are 7 billion people in this world. Meeting you was on purpose.

When you possess Great treasures within you, and try to tell others of them, seldom are you believed. These treasures only disappear when you stop believing.

Confront when necessary with gentleness and genuine desires to listen and be listened to.

You are responsible.


3 thoughts on “up to now – a Manifesto

  1. Thank you Anique! Your words are beautiful, powerful and gave me the gift of self reflection.
    Your writing is a blessing! Thank you


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