An ode to Happiness and Metal Detectors

Oct 9, 10:31am

So I’m back. I’ve returned from a month in Costa Rica and 3 in South Africa to my last year in grad school at York University. Often after returning home from life changing experiences people find entry back into their old life as dramatic, almost as though you’re stuck negotiating the real from the super real. I don’t think I’ve experienced this, at least not this time around. Since returning to my Masters of Environmental studies program I’ve found more than ever where I want to focus my energies and its given me a genuine happiness in my life. In fact I remember calling one of my favorite ladies and asking her if she thought something was strange about this insistent happiness that just parked itself in my life. Obviously she thought it was strange that someone would be asking, “is it weird I am so happy?!”. While I know it is important to remember ‘this too shall pass’, I bask in the revelation that maybe just maybe following that little metal detector in your head–you know the one telling you its okay to pursue passion– isn’t such an outlandish idea after all. I wanted to share some ideas Ive come to, taught to me by others along the way, which have been instrumental in getting me back to myself. Here are some things I’ve learned that may sound obvious but have come to me only have a huge learning curve and twenty odd years of seeking:

1) If you want what you’ve never had before, you have to be willing to do what you’ve never done before

2) Write letters to yourself when you are emotionally at your lowest and then at your highest. Use both as points of reference.

3) study yourself, learn how you learn.

4) believe that pursing your passion is a worthy journey

5) know that it is okay for struggle to engulf you

6) You dont need to become an occupation. Let your occupation come from who you are. (#BIG)

7) listen when people speak and hear them speak without looking for yourself in their words

8) surround yourself with people who dont look like your friends from highschool

9) be convicted in the idea that your thoughts matter and how you feel is valid and real

10) Speak. Even when your voice is low and your thoughts process slowly and your fingers tremble slightly, speak.



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