Sept 6, 6:15am

What has changed?
They say people who travel do so to return. With this trip I was traveling to return both ways and in the process, Ive learned so much. It’s a strange feeling knowing that so many questions you’ve had about yourself and uncertainties have finally shifted into their place. So when asked to write about what has changed and shifted in importance, my mind is flushed with the answer.

  • Working for myself, doing what I love and having an ultimate vision positively impacting the communities i belong to has regained its standing as a priority in my life.
  • Sharing weight of community work, providing place for leadership, ownership and having a shared vision with those you work with is incredibly important to making anything successful
  • I love fashion but Ive learned the importance of functional clothing: hiking boots, rain coats, waterproof bags, blankets, versatile pieces
  • Using my time as a masters student to really take advantage of this opportunity to learn, explore questions and receive support is an incredibly important commitment
  • Ive lost my unwavering dependency on my cell phone
  • Ive found homeliness in my home again. (sounds strange but is a brilliant feeling)
  • not everyones politics are my politics and i don’t want it to be
  • I no longer wear an exclusive hat as a student, entrepreneur or researcher, Im comfortable being 100% who I am, which often has nothing to do with who others think i am
  • I am a creative being, an artist and a writer. Ive learned when I don’t feed these skills, ‘mundanity’ stifles me.
  • I love Toronto, I was planning on moving out the city, and was really in search for another Toronto somewhere else in the world, but Im learning that the original one is home for me and at least for now its where I will stay
  • I’m proud again. I lost that somewhere in the mix of trying, forever trying, but I’ve learned that truly my heart is good and its a worthwhile act to find pride in that

For now this is my list of what has changed, rekindled or gained a different level of importance. If i don’t write this down now, I may one day forgot what this summer has done for me.



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