Poems From the Path

Published: August 31, 2013; 10:57am
Written: August 13 en route

The road is far from smooth
we move urgent like
my window at half mast
hoisted to its peek at noon
for now its commemoration is ruleless

My colours are align
Though I feel the landscape change
as we down my breath slows
and my heart quickens
I am arriving

Around me it is dully lit
I watch the sun negotiate its dignity behind a curtain of clouds
and smell the tropics

we speed to the pace of immediacy
sewing skid marks between wooded paths
blurring images of farms
i can hardly imagine our destination

We drive over broken bridges ignoring signs
marvelling at dunes, quietly
zebras graze under power lines
and I talk to treetops of tattoos I’ve dreamed of
all the while our secrets spin in silent thoughts

my ears pop and we descend

Written August 15, 2013; 10:53am
en route

I was made to move
to follow the lines of a road
trails of a forest
to run over open creeks
to duck beneath fallen trees
to look outside of moving vehicles
to ration last bits
to draw compass roses
to write long letters
to dream of lives I’ve yet to meet
to dance in the rain
to dance
to sing when i can’t be heard
to create art
to believe in life
to carry paper and pens
to have emergency kits with knives and candles
to cry for bush fires
to spend last dollars on candy for a child
to ask questions about culture
to question
to ride in the back of open trucks
to keep moving
to stand still
to swim under waterfalls
to learn languages
to scream
to love
these things make me
what i was made for



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