Photo Fridays: Exploring a quarry

Rock climbing in an abandoned quarry with the coolest young people in all of Laingville 😉 Johan’s son, best friend and the little lady Im living with <3.
Saint Helena Bay-20130802-00470

Saint Helena Bay-20130802-00450 Saint Helena Bay-20130802-00451 Saint Helena Bay-20130802-00453 Saint Helena Bay-20130802-00456

LaingvilleSaint Helena Bay-20130802-00458 Saint Helena Bay-20130802-00464 Saint Helena Bay-20130802-00466 Saint Helena Bay-20130802-00468 Saint Helena Bay-20130802-00473 Saint Helena Bay-20130802-00471

Saint Helena Bay-20130802-00472 Saint Helena Bay-20130802-00477 Saint Helena Bay-20130802-00478


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