Photo Fridays: A weekend with Marc

July 23, 10:41pm

I’ve changed up how I publish Photography Fridays. It’ll now appear as a post instead of a page, which I realized was just not sustainable and taking way too long to load.

So this past weekend one of my best friends visited me in Cape Town. He is a Higher Education Masters student at NYU and is here with a class on race and education. We had a great weekend, more laughter than anything. It was interesting to speak to him about race, share knowledge from our separate and very different experiences and tour the city like sightseeing was our occupation. We went to almost all the museums in Cape Town, visited friend’s stores, homes and favourite clubs; went to a vineyard, dodged rats in a city park (right?!!), and went to a show at the African Dance Theatre. It was a packed weekend, and I enjoyed being able to share it with such a close friend. I hadn’t realized that I was here without something familiar and perhaps missing the company of someone with a shared past until this weekend. Marc constantly teaches me things, and after spending time with him, I always feel like a better person. Here are some gems from our smashing success of a weekend! They are in chronological order but most of the photos are taken from a camera phone. enjoy!

Our first night on the town. He had Springbok steak and I tiger tail fish

Cape Town-20130718-00395 IMG-20130723-WA009
The following morning we enjoyed an amazing breakfast à la Marius at the B&B we were staying at.
A port on the path to Groot Constantia Vineyard.
Entering the vineyard.
IMG_1016 IMG_1050
Such a charmer. At the wine tasting.
IMG_1041On the estate grounds.

IMG_1030 IMG_1054
Leaving the Estate driving past a gated community, right next to a township (below). I wonder who is meant to stay out..IMG_1058 IMG_1055
Table Mountain or Lions Head..not sure from this pictureIMG_1071
Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever been to. IMG_1059

One of the most luxurious places in Cape Town where apartments can start at R10 Million.IMG-20130723-WA015
Hiding our take aways at the waterfront.IMG-20130723-WA007 IMG_1087
In the Company Gardens. The company in reference here is the East Dutch India Company, the same one which built wealth on the backs of slaves. No irony here that the company would continue to be memorialized along with images and names of colonialist all across the city. Still a beautiful photo though!IMG_1128
These birds will definitely be part of my bird flock tattoo 😉 IMG_1094
Pigeons have never looked so regal!IMG-20130723-WA008
Museums are so interesting…oh the stories the withhold


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