Long Emails, Letters and Grounding Reminders

This is why having a good friend is better than interior heating.

June 16
I’ve been working busily on an paper on art and community economic development for communities in the tropics; I’ve been thinking what I would write for South Africas national Youth Day; I’ve been missing my mother, my aunts and the Toronto massive that raised me and wondering what my father thought of himself on Fathers Day; I’ve been relishing in the dramatic demise of our despot of a mayor; I’ve been meditating on Madiba (the Great Nelson Mandela), on his life, his legacy, on his connection to my brother; and I’ve been cold and missing interior heating. Just as I thought to detangle these thoughts, stop thinking so much about home, lay them to rest and focus exclusively on being present here, in this land, I got this gem of an email. An honest reminder of everything I needed reminders of. Thank you, for the silk-lined-self-heating-douvet cover that you are and the time you took to send a reminder that interior heating aint all that.

“You’re simply amazing! I admire ur courage and your desire to learn, explore and contribute. Just pave the way so when others decide to go they may remember how awesome you were and will always welcome you and your ppl. I’m on the john making time to read this but I can literally put myself there ur very descriptive. It’s so cool how English is not even our language yet we use it so beautifully and communicate so wonderfully. We just are the best. Simple. Keep journalling, I hope u make time to journal and reflect on ur physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual self. Wholistically u are being stretched, ur learning and you are being made new through the experiences. Test ur ideologies and challenge ur belief systems if possible don’t throw away of course but jus consider and reflect. I look forward to the woman ur experiences shape u into. You we’re already awesome and can only get better. Keep love alive and think bout ur mommy’s smile always. I don’t know anything about ur father little bout ur brother but tmrw it’s fathers day here maybe you can send them a shout. I appreciate ur dad for his contribution to creating you. On the molecular level his timing could not have been better. Fathers they really need to step up but boy do they need forgiveness, encouragement and love as we all do.

Cheerio homie!!!

Love always , RR”



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